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Two Great Options

Coding Center

Open your doors to the fastest growing sector in kids education: Coding!

A fully equipped center with amazing staff to teach the thousands of kids who are looking for coding  classes in your area.

We will train your staff and provide the curriculum. We also supply the tech equipment at amazingly affordable prices.

Certified Coding Instructor

Are you looking for part time work with a great income? Then sign up to be a Certified Coding for Treasure Coding Instructor.

You can set your own starting time and wake up to a new future.

We will train you and give you the curriculum. You will love being part of the Tech sector.

Bespoke Plans

Join the Tech World

Did you always want to be part of the “Tech Scene?”.

Don’t wait any longer, join the Tech Revolution today. Start your own Coding Center or become a Certified Coding Instructor.

Have you been reading about “Silicon Valley” and wanted to be part of it? Start your own Coding Center and a create your own Tech Hub!

Coding Center

Start your very own business with a Coding for Treasure Coding Center.

Certified Coding Instructor

Be part of the Tech Revolution and become a Certified Coding for Treasure Instructor. Be your boss!

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