Coding for Adults

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Coding for Adults

Adults learn the fundamentals of coding and progress from beginning to advanced levels, in an appropriate sequence of courses.

Coding helps adults develop creativity, analytical thinking and problem solving abilities — essential skills for  career success.

Learning to code is one of the most efficient ways to get employment in a higher paying job. You can learn coding quickly and at comparatively lower cost with Coding for Treasure than at a college. Once you start a coding job, you can continue to learn more in-depth coding skills with us and advance your career.

We also offer training programs for corporations and organizations to keep the workforce current with technology needs.

Python 101

Learn the user-friendly language Python, a powerful, expressive programming language that is used by software developers around the world and by popular websites. Guided instruction and hands-on learning are sure to inspire you to learn about Python coding.

Python Advanced

Python is a versatile, general-purpose program that is popular in the tech industry.It is popular because of its versatility; used in scientific applications, software and web development. This advanced class focuses on the most up-to-date version of Python 3 with many improvements made to increase the simplicity and efficiency of the code.

Java 101

It is an object-orientated language used to create many common applications and software. Java 101 introduces Java in an exciting, age-appropriate way, providing students the fundamental skills they need to learn Java as well as other programming languages they might learn in the future too.

Java Advanced

This advanced level is a program geared for adults proceeding at an accelerated pace with Java and providing more opportunities for learning advanced coding skills and collaborating with peers.

Video Game Design 101

You will learn about the origin and evolution of game mechanics and its effective integration into video games. The design process and method of balancing a game's deign and mechanics for optimum balance. How engines and different assets are created and used to build a video game.

Video Game Design Advanced

A deep dive into the video game design using Unity, Game Salad and other software to develop and publish video games. Adults must have taken Video Game Design 101 or similar experience.

Software Development

How to design, develop and test larger software applications using the Java programming language.Develop environments, tools and frameworks for modern Java software development. How to select, apply and analyze the most appropriate data representation.

Web Development

Learn about the 3 foundational languages of the Web: HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. How to code with modern HTML5 tags, draw and animate fun Web graphics and play audio and video elements. You will learn the fundamentals of JavaScript to help you develop interactive web apps.

Intro to Java Script

You will learn to add JavaScript code in your website/web app, how to make interactive web sites, how to change the CSS styles of HTML5 elements from JavaScript, how to deal with HTML5 forms and how to make basic graphics and animation using the HTML5 canvas.

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Start coding now and gain the confidence you need to rapidly advance in the workplace. Coding is one of the most necessary and sought after skills in most industries.

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Coding helps develop creativity, analytical thinking and problem solving abilities — essential skills for career success.

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Simply put; Coding helps drive innovation. From self driving cars to artificial intelligence, coding allows you to be incredibly innovative.

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We Have Great Answers


We have no age restriction

Advanced classes will dive deeper into the subject. We require adults take our 101 classes or demonstrate ability.

You will need a laptop or your workplace should provide a suitable desktop.

At all levels we require students to do at least one class per week. Advanced level classes should meet at least twice a week

You will become future-proofed and have a head start versus your non-tech peers. Your increased confidence and technical ability will become a great asset for them. Advanced level adults will be able to make real products and services they can sell and be a young millionaire.

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