Coding for treasure

A better way to learn coding.

Coding + IT Services for Schools.

How can you thrive in a world where technology is the language of communication and creativity?

Coding for Treasure was founded by an entrepreneurial mom with a background in technology and education. With two young kids, she was eager to inspire them to be creators, not just passive consumers of technology.

We have moved onto software driven innovation, Tech staffing and Tech product reviews. All within striking distance from our beginning and core activity: coding.



Amazing Solutions for you

what can we do for you?

Coding for Kids

Incredible instructors sent to your home, local library or coffee shop to teach coding to your kids.

Coding at School

Coding instructors, curriculum and equipment to teach at school and after school programs.

Best Products

Detailed reviews to help you decide the best tech products.​

IT Services for Schools

Tech staffing, Web, App and System development.​

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Three young men enjoying good coding job on computer