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Smart and Secure options for security

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Keeping your campus secure

Safety for all

Schools need to update their campus safety from the traditional one line of defense. Outdated methods of having only locking doors and security cameras can be defeated with ease and is simply not enough to alert the entire campus or first-responders.

Our campus safety solutions transcend access controls and video surveillance, and put safety where it’s most needed: in the hands of teachers and staff. 

Stealth-mode alarms – Allows users to discretely upgrade the response required, from school security officers to first responders.

Campus wide integration – Integrates video camera and security systems for complete view to respond to threat, response and evacuation.

Smart maintenance alerts – Smart alerts to prevent battery or system failure to ensure continuous operation.

Always-on service – High tech system in the background that cannot be shut down so that alerts are always received and acknowledged.

Provides a faster safety environment for students, teachers, and staff – Mobilize assistance faster and diffuse situations and bring campus back to normalcy.

Fast deployment into existing infrastructure and upgrade – Deploy quick and easy into campus and upgrades with minimum time delay.

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