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Tech is disrupting

Education came late to the digital world. But, now tech is very quickly changing education with coding.

Coding gave the ability for kids to create products and services at a very young age.

Parents have taken note of this and want their kids to be empowered by coding.


Start your own coding center with the backing of Coding for Treasure.

Thousands of parents are looking for coding programs for their kids. Your own coding center with Coding for Treasure will be the perfect place for these kids.

The age range for kids who can code is from 4 to 18 years.

Low Startup Cost

We keep your start up costs low so that you can start quick and earn fast.

Demand for coding

Thousands of families are looking for coding programs for their kids.

24/7 Support

No matter where your coding center is, our support team will answer your requests 24/7.


With kids ready to code from ages 4 up to 18 years, there is a very steady pattern of growth for coding as a service for kids.

Realize your dream.

We Believe In Smart Work And Dedication

We believe that smart work and dedication pays off. Starting you very own Coding Center is exactly that: Smart Work and Dedication.

With all the excitement created by Coding in today’s world, your own Coding Center with Coding For Treasure will also place you as a leader of your community.

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